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Nunca se Escreveu Tanto Sobre a Película — Parte 2

Elogios, palavras de apreço, os constrangimentos presentes do formato e a inevitável "ordem do dia" em torno de DUNKIRK e dos seus 70mm.

Uma lista de endereços úteis, publicados ao longo dos últimos 30 dias, sobre o actual ponto de situação do futuro, vida e morte da película.

"Film benefits from the world's greatest motion picture artists using it, but the world's greatest motion picture artists also make better movies because they use film."
Steve Bellamy, in 35mm: the format that refused to die, RedShark.

"It can be manipulated in ways that hard drives cannot—every time 35mm film is run through a projector it collects blemishes and tears, a singular history carved into its very cells, never the same film shown twice. That is, for a lack of a better word, beautiful."
Nina Wilder, in An ode to 35mm film, The Chronicle.

"I’m making my films cheaper than anybody working at the same scale on digital. There are no efficiencies to be gained there and no money to be saved..."
Christopher Nolan, citado por Zack Sharf, in Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson Have A 70mm Film Support Group, IndieWire.

"'There's only one film lab in Los Angeles now and they' actually forgotten how to do certain things," Biller laments down the phoneline. It was very difficult to colour-time the print because they don't have some of their traditional equipment anymore.' So was all that trouble worth it? 'Oh, yes. The colours are richer and deeper than a digital print and the blacks are blacker.'"
Anna Biller, citada por James Croot, in The Love Witch: The Technicolour dream that almost became a logistical nightmare, Stuff Entertainment.

"Y todo esto tiene una historia detrás, ya que el soporte en el cual tú quieres trabajar te da una cualidad que no tiene el digital. Hay allí una parte matérica, orgánica, de la necesidad de coger un trozo de película, tener el tiempo en tus manos."
Antoni Pinent, entrevistado por Mónica Delgado, in El Analógico No Debe Ser un Lujo o Capricho Sino Un Modo de Entender la Fantasmagoría, desistfilm.

"You keep the film wet, you unload the camera, and you keep it damp the whole time. We shipped it back to Los Angeles from the set in France, and they processed it before drying it out, and the shot came out absolutely perfect and it's in the film. Try doing that with a digital camera!"
Christopher Nolan, citado por Jason Guerrasio, in Christopher Nolan used an old Hollywood trick to salvage footage that sank in the water while shooting 'Dunkirk', Business Insider.

"Hollywood’s embrace of digital cinema projection (DCP) – studios announced they would stop making prints in 2014 – was never about embracing technological advances in quality, it was about saving money. The amount of time, energy and expense of creating and shipping tens of thousands of 35mm prints around the world was astronomical. And when film projection disappeared, so did the union projectionists trained to insure our viewing experience was maximized."
Chris O'Falt, in Netflix Is Not the Problem: Why Bad Theatrical Presentations Are Destroying the Experience, IndieWire.

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