quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2012

Notas Sobre o Restauro do Ano

Sobre o Blu-Ray de A PAIXÃO DE JOANA D'ARC, de Carl Theodor Dreyer, restaurado pela Masters of Cinema:

«(...) the new restoration, conducted exclusively for Masters of Cinema, is everything I could have hoped for. Given its history (once thought lost, the definitive print was discovered in a mental institution in 1981), I’d be more than willing to forgive whatever issues it presented, of which there are miraculously few. It still contains a fair bit of damage, none of which was distracting in the least, and the notes on the restoration in the booklet maintain that any further attempt to clean up such marks would have left digital artifacts, a casualty I cannot abide and am thrilled to say I did not notice at all in this release. Even still, the film is almost always razor sharp, crisply reproducing Rudolph Maté’s landmark cinematography. Eyes are the windows to the soul and all, and our ability to see with even greater clarity every shimmer of Falconetti’s is central to the purpose of the film. This is one of those ways in which film restoration isn’t just about reproducing the film of celluloid, though it does, but in bringing out the central qualities of the story being told. It is integral.»

Scott Nye, in CriterionCast.com.

[Fonte: CriterionCast.]

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